I had dabbled in photography but only developed a passion since getting my first Digital SLR in spring 2007, when megapixels caught up with film… and now spend most of my free time in wonderful parts of my country… waiting for the light!

I am a self taught photographer, and can be found, most weekends, by a loch or mountain, waiting for a sunrise or change in light that has me returning to favourite haunts again and again.

Focusing on landscapes, whether it is Highlands or the Trossachs, my four+ years behind the camera have taken me to some of the most beautiful locations in Scotland, and, using filters to convey mood and light, subtle processing effects to duplicate the vibrance of the scene, I attempt to convey the isolation, elements and beauty to the viewer.

“Some people say photography is luck, well, i believe that you make your own luck……knowing where the sun rises and sets, knowing when the leaves change colour; luck is all the elements coming together at once…..but knowledge puts you in the right place to capture the shot!”

I hope you enjoy looking through my work and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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